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This article discusses the history of Erotic art and pornography. It references sex, unusual sex acts and contains sexual imagery.

Pornography and Pompeii

It's often hard to be sure when making sweeping statements but I am pretty confident I would be winning money all day betting on the fact that you my lovely anonymous viewer watch porn. Given the title of this video and the number of times porn is mentioned; a healthy side bet on whether or not you might be watching it again in the next 15 min.

England in the 1800s was very pleased with itself. One of the reasons for this was that it had found what it thought to be the perfect ballance of cultural inspiration. It took its organising principles, culture, logic and reasoning from Ancient Rome, and its morals, virtues ans spiritual sensibilities from Jerusalem. Now you could have a logical and rational society that was pious and reverent and reserved; what more could a civilisation want. So great was this culter that the English could nothing but go about the world looking down on everyone else; and enthusiastically exporting it to your country; werther you wanted it or not. This was going brilliantly; until discoveries from the excavated ruins of Pompeii induced a profound sense of cultural cognitive dissonance; and the only solution would be to invent pornography.

What makes something pornography

Well; we all know it when we see it right? Or at least we are pretty sure that we do. It's not exactly nudity, or expressions of sexuality. It's not pornography if its art, or an academic diagram; it's sort of perhaps something about how the person viewing the content intends to use it? Or maybe how it makes that person feel. But then again; lots of people can have those feelings about all sorts of things that others might not classify as pornography... so what is pornography exactly? Well we know it when we see it.

Fundamentally; pornography is

Erotic art in Pompeii and Herculaneum has been both exhibited as art and censored as pornography.

source: Wikimedia

Pan and the goat statue

Spoiler alert for the hopeful teenager hoping to have hit YouTube gold without sullying there internet history; this very much about porn and not porn. It's my first real video like this and I want to to stay up longer than your grandad.

Do what makes something porn. I can't be just that there person is naked.