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A brief animation describing amazing story of Nikola Tesla. -
It's Doom. But it's Brutal. This is version 20 of this amazing mod and it's glorious.
Wrap your fearful little ears around this YouTube playlist of horror music from films, TV, games and real life >
Matt Fracti or set of 'Sex Criminals' on Late Night with Seth Meyers
Black Angel, a lost fantasy short commissioned to screen before The Empire Strikes Back, has been rediscovered!
This is amazing; classic retro-futurism and ... well just crazy marketing.
Just been catching up on this - where they examine one aspect of gameplay in depth and reminded me of Will's fun with The Long Dark (and wolves.... cold cold nasty wolves)
What makes an action good? Gaming can make you smart -
This is the first ever Deviant Robot deviation post :) here is a link to the website to see if that works
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: BBC One launch trailer; This looks fantastic! -

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