Hello there!

Last year was fantastic for Deviant Robot. Not only did we launch our site but we also started two hugely successful meetup groups, recorded a ton of podcasts, started creating video content and wrote a ton of articles and reviews.

We also learned a lot about who we are and the direction we want the project and as a result we have been busy planning for the future. It’s now time to start putting this plan into action.

A major part of this plan is to re-build the website from the ground up. We want the website to better represent the project and our community. So if you are reading this… that's what's happening right now!

In the meantime we will continue to run our hugely successful meetups in both London and Cambridge. More information about which can be found on our meetup pages: -

London Cambridge

Please keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages to find out what we are up to and follow the progress of the website rebuild.

Please bear with us. We hope to have you on board to support us in our new venture.

With love and deviance;
The Deviant Robot Team
Keep it Deviant