Deviant Robot

Meandering adventures into
interesting stuff.

The world is full of awesome and amazing STUFF, and Deviant Robot is here to serve that STUFF up to you with a light side salad of sass and charm.

A steaming bowl of strange looking soup with the Deviant Robot logo on the bowl.

Only the best ingredients

Art, history, culture, video games, literature, movies, comics, philosophy and more - it's all fair game. If it’s made of deliciously tasty and interesting STUFF then we will happily fling it into the mighty soup that is Deviant Robot. We hope you will drink heartily of this soup and ask for seconds. We hope you will enjoy its surprising chunks and mysterious aroma.

A giant bowl of soup on a well lit stage with the salutes of a crowd in front.

Live events

We will unite soup lovers everywhere at our live events, to partake of the great soup together and in doing so forge the mighty bonds of friendship.

Live events will start up again once the world is back to normal.

A figure standing inside a train holding the rail with two bowls of soup attached to his head like headphones; the soup is pouring out.

Ear Soup on the go

Enjoy Deviant Robot soup on the go in the form of our pre-packaged podcasts; lively satisfying soup poured into your brain through your ears while you journey to your place of work.

More information about the podcasts coming soon.

A bowl of soup with a victorian moustache and muscly arms lifting a heavy weight.

Build your immune system

We want to fill the Deviant Robot soup with so much good stuff that it will help you build up your strength for battle with the many challenges put forth by that harsh mistress known as life.

A bowl of deviant robot soup, behind it are some odd colour soups with banners sticking out of them. The slogans on the banners read 'Buy joe's snake oil' and 'Products must see top 5'.

No artificial colouring

Unlike other soups, our soup is made only from real ingredients and is 100% free form the unhealthy additives of sponsored content and advertising or the artificial flavouring of political, religious or social agendas.

Three bowls of Deviant Robot soup.

Good to share

Why not serve up this delicious Deviant Robot soup to your friends and family? Perhaps take some to work and share it around the office. Tell people you made it yourself if you like, but defiantly share it. Most of the things in it aren’t ours anyway, it's STUFF we found and thought looked tasty. We really aren’t at all sure where some of it came from actually.
Maybe space!

In Conclusion

The Deviant Robot Soup, we think you will love it. It's an honest, well balanced nutritious meal fresh made by lovely and sexually charismatic people. People who may not have washed hands before making it, but certainly people who are not afraid to ruin their search engine optimisation by needlessly implying their website is, in fact, a delicious soup.

Bon Appétit Deviants, Bon Appétit