Special Thanks

Over the years Deviant Robot is made possible due to the help and support of a lot of lovely people, projects and organisation. We want to say thank you to everyone who has helped us over the years and make it clear that this is far from a definitive list of those who deserve our gratitude.

Thanks to the many Deviant Robot podcast cast members over the years, including: -

  • Charlie Cox
  • Dave Convery
  • Dom O'Brien
  • Dziugas Matas
  • Hannah Capocci-Hunt
  • Ian Thompson
  • James (Jimmy) Lucktaylor
  • Pawel Michalowski
  • Robin Young
  • Zainabb hull
  • Ziwei Deng

Special thank you to Erman Kutlu (http://ermankutlu.co.uk/) for help with the Deviant Robot logo.