Guest Appearances

Deviant Robot appearing on a Street Epistemology Clubhouse Podcast

I was recently invited to join a Street Epistemology Clubhouse Room hosted by the lovely Sound Epistemology channel. This recording was made available as a podcast and the YouTube video below.

The focus of the conversation was Street Epistemology, and I gave my thoughts on Street Epistemology, including many of the ideas expressed in my Street Epistemology post..

A large part of the conversation was a Street Epistemology session held with an audience member. The discussion was, I think, productive; however, it was challenging to get the epistemological root of the claim. This can happen in the Street Epistemology conversations, and navigating the claim can require patience and practice. I leave it your judgement as to how well I did with this, but it is undoubtedly true that the resulting conversation might be a challenging listen. Effective Street Epistemology conversations are not always entertaining.

From my perspective, it was a lovely conversation, and I enjoyed my time in the Street Epistemology Clubhouse Room.