Website Updates

A new website (again)

We are still working hard on forging the next phase of the Deviant Robot project; however, we thought it was time to take down the old website and clear the ground for the future.

The new site is a little sparse right now, but there will be more content to come in the following weeks and months. Like a new house, we haven't yet moved into; it makes us very excited about the future. We hope you will join us in watching it grow.

Some features in our initial release.


We hate slow websites, and we want to make sure those who see our site don't have to wait. We have built the site using the latest tech to ensure its as it can be. We will also be working to make it even faster in the coming months.


A vast and growing majority of users read content on their mobile phone as opposed to a traditional desktop web browser. Making sure the site works well on small screens was a priority for us.

Switchable themes

If you are like us, you hate loading a website up at night only to be blinded with a white page. That's why, by default, Deviant Robot will always use the Dark Theme when you first arrive. However, those who prefer a lighter look can change this is the user preferences menu.


While censorship isn't something we believe in at Deviant Robot, we do understand that some things might not be ideal viewing in all contexts. That's why we created an NSFW (Not safe for work) mode. When you visit the site, any content that might cause you some concern if you were to view it in an office environment, for example, will be hidden from view. You can reveal this content at any time by clicking the 'Show NSFW' button on the post or by setting the preference in the user settings menu at the top of the page.

Privacy, Cookies and Local Storage.

Taking an honest and transparent approach to cookies and local storage was essential for us. GDPR regulation is very complicated, but we have provided as many tools as possible to allow you to understand how we use both Cookies and Local Storage; as well as give you control over there use. We have elected for an opt-in policy and detail exactly what data we store in our cookie policy page.

Seen a bug

We are sure there are still lots of bugs, and if you spot one you can help us out by letting us know. For now the best way to do that is to email us at

Lots more to come

Keep an eye on the blog for more updates and features coming soon.